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Susie Lang

Meet Susie Lang, a talented, award-winning photographer who has turned her lens to capturing women over 60.

Originally from South Australia, Susie now calls NYC home. The city provided the landscape for her own life transition after she turned 60 in 2017. Feeling invisible as the years passed, she suspected she was not alone.

Five years later her work is revered internationally, featured in print and on major networks, and she’s just getting started!

Many years ago, Susie’s father bought his children one camera to share, but it was Susie who took immediate interest in capturing life’s moments behind the lens. She became a registered nurse, certified therapeutic counselor, and traveled the world, always with her camera at her side.

“I found photography was a great hobby of mine - especially in my connection with people. I seemed to be able to do this, somehow just starting up conversations and making people feel at ease, particularly when I had my camera in my hands.”

We sat down with Susie to learn more about her inspiring journey:

Is this the life you anticipated in your 20s, 30s, 40s, last year?

No! In answering that question, I feel as though each age bracket, I have focused on the age that I’ve been in. Now that I’m in my “pre-golden” stage of life, I am looking at formulating a base that I am hopeful that I can rely on as I continue to get older.

I don’t know where and how I will be in my 70s, 80s and 90s, but the work I feel I am doing for myself now, will enable me to hear “where I am at” as I age.

What do you find most fulfilling and important now? Any surprises?

Connecting with people - something that I have always been able to do.

And now, to take time for, and to connect with myself, to be quiet, to go inward, to really breathe particularly when things get tough. The surprises are that in being this way, I can deeply sense people’s connection with me.

How have the life challenges, fears, biggest changes you’ve faced, changed you?

Someone asked me the other day, “what makes you scared”?

I said, “drowning from a sinking boat”. And it doesn’t stop me from going on a boat or swimming. The biggest changes are moving countries - from Australia to the UK to the USA.

Basically, learning by lived experiences. Being in the “here and now” is THE most challenging time. COVID has enabled me to really see this. No future planning of travel etc... just being in the moment.

Ever imagine going back to an earlier stage? If so, which one?

I don’t ever want to go back to an earlier stage - thank you! I feel comfortable where I am in my 60s, even when things are most challenging. Just now - is where I try to be.

What advice would you share with your younger self?

I often dread this question! As a younger me, I wish I had the older me available to me - I was short on mentors back then. I had to find my own way on many levels. My advice - come to me (my older self) if you have anything you want to share and explore!

How do you meet people at this stage?

Community and connection are most important to me. My relationships are intergenerational, same generation, female and male, family and long-time friends. I have different levels of friends - long time and trusted friends plus acquaintances that I can explore different things with.

How do you envision rediscovering your purpose in the coming years?

All I am learning for now, is that I am developing a deep sense understanding and awareness of myself, and I trust that I will be flexible and open enough to make changes as I age. I imagine I won’t be much different - just a little older!


“Getting older has enabled me to become more visible to myself. The more I can be honest and open with myself, the more I can be with another.”

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