All Our Petty Differences

Art Russell

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How fervently humans hold their grudges, the petty offences we’ve deemed so important. How proudly we display them through spiteful speech and action like badges of woes pinned sharply to our lapel. How tightly we clutch the “he-did-this” or “she-did-that” accounts of wrongs against us. How dare they!

Note: I, too, have been guilty as charged. With that in mind, we’ll begin this article with a line from a book that a fellow blogger suggested that I might enjoy:

We differ from others –from criminals, for example– only in what we do or don’t do, not in what we are.

~Awareness. by Anthony De Mello

Do those words–and the power contained within them–not strike us in the breastbone of our Being? Is Mr. or Mrs. Ego staggering from the punch? This short line begs us to ask the following: “How am I seeing?” Am I seeing with an understanding born of the heart–from Truth, or am I seeing through the eyes of the petty little ego; the guy or gal who’s often so quick to judge; or reluctant–perhaps unwilling–to forgive?

It’s been stated that individuals who strike out against us personally, or collectively in society, are actually the ones most in need of love. This is perfectly logical. Why? Because such individuals are so far removed from their own knowing of love for themselves. For what other reason would they hate as much? How can we possibly give to another that which we, ourselves, do not possess? We must also remember to extend the same loving forgiveness to our own “self;” for until we do, the healing is not complete.

All waves are identical in nature to the One Ocean in which they are immersed. How could they ever truly be different?

Each wave undoubtedly expresses itself differently in form–peaking here, like a saint; or crashing there, like a sinner; but each and everyone is made of Ocean. We are THAT. When we see with the love of One Heart, we will know how to truly look upon this world and, thereby, raise It.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

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Art Russell

Arthur Russell is a retired paramedic of thirty-five years of service and currently lives in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada.

An author of both fiction and non-fiction, his previous published works include an e-book entitled Hold That Thought, regarding the Law of Attraction and, more recently, a book entitled This Taste of Flesh and Bones, about enlightenment and our spiritual nature.

Now sixty-three, he wishes to share his knowledge regarding enlightenment to help alleviate human suffering. Proud father to a son and a daughter, he is currently working on his next book.

In his spare time, he enjoys travel, adventure, motorcycling, and meeting new people, all of which enrich his life in countless ways.