Let 'er Rip

Elizabeth Urabe

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Two years ago, as I was preparing to celebrate my 59th full circle of 365 days in this physical form, I wrote what was to date probably the most powerful prose I’d ever penned; titled Original Wound: Revealed and Healed.

While it was most definitely a profound, provocative, and purposeful text, it was also…proper. By that I mean, I was still adhering to long-held conditioned beliefs about the “right” and acceptable way of conducting myself in the world and was not quite willing to turn over the reins of Self-expression to the formidable force within me that I KNEW wanted to speak through me, AS me.

As I sit here now with who I have become and who I know I was born and destined to Be – a tsunami of root-level healing and transformation on the planet – I recognize that the “cord” impelling me to bow down to any social norms or niceties that are not aligned with the voice of my Higher Self, is about to sever once and for all.

Twenty-seven years ago, seemingly out of the blue, I began channeling the pictures that have come to be known as URABE Spirit Art.

Although I knew from the very first colored pencil scribblings that an event of cosmic proportions was taking place that held all of humanity in its divine embrace, I also instinctively knew that neither I nor the world was ready for Urabe Unleashed.

Furthermore, as a totally untrained artist, I felt I should keep my convictions to myself; after all, it would be presumptuous to claim that my art was destined to be one of the biggest things to hit the planet if I didn’t have degrees and certification “proving” my right to call myself an artist! I figured I’d better keep my mouth shut so as to not invite any criticism that could burst the bubble of my vision before it had the chance to materialize.

I’d been raised by a Mother who bowed down to some mysterious “they”, who dictated I should live my life in a certain manner but never really explained WHY. And so even though everything in me screamed that Urabe Spirit Art was the reflection of some of the most powerful transformational Source energies available to humankind at this point in the evolution of Consciousness…I stayed mum, for fear of how I might be received or more truthfully, rejected.

It’s now time to flush all the “shoulds” down the toilet and LET ‘ER RIP! Whether it’s a fart, a voiced opinion, a new dish created wholly without a recipe; a spontaneous song or a dance, or a daily schedule that turns everything upside down, I’m going to do it the way it feels right to me and call it like I see it.

And if there is an art form that comes through me that not only breaks the mold and shimmers from outside the proverbial box but smashes to smithereens the notion that there ever was a box to begin with…well, in this upcoming chapter in the story of E.R.Urabe, no thing and no one will hold me back from saying so with all the passion this old lady can muster.

Including, and most of all, my concepts of who I think I am.

And when the dust has settled and the smell has dissipated and the uproar over any controversial opinions has calmed down and I’ve returned to my stand by food dishes and favorite music and age-appropriate dance moves, URABE Spirit Art will remain standing, a shining beacon of the divine light of eternal Consciousness through the darkness, calling us Home as One together, guiding our every breath and step.

And I’ll be here on my mountain, maybe with hair dyed pink or purple, just for the hell of it, wrinkled face smiling and Soul rejoicing as I witness my Spirit Children fulfilling their divine destiny just as fully and completely as I know in my heart and soul that I have.

Originally featured on BizCatalyst360°
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Elizabeth Urabe

Elizabeth is an artist, writer, and cosmic energy orchestrator who is passionate about energy and spiritual growth.

She currently resides in Arizona.