Never Too Soon, Or Too Late, To Bloom

Susan Rooks

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The flower you see above is one on my “Christmas cactus,” which is not actually a cactus at all and doesn’t always bloom just in December.

I just took it a few minutes ago, here in the middle of summer.

Unexpected? You bet!

To me, it’s a reminder that things don’t always go as expected. Sure, the plant had dozens of flowers in the winter, and many more appeared through April.

But in July!? That’s a real surprise! 😁

And it’s also a symbol for those of us who might not see our future in a positive way … thinking our best years/times are behind us.

Maybe we don’t see how we can “bloom” as we get older and hopefully wiser.

Maybe we think the future only belongs to the younger folks, however much younger they may be.

Maybe we think our best days are behind us … when they just might not be.

I know I had no idea at my advanced age of 76 — yup, 76! — that I’d be still working, still living a full life, still loving what I’m doing, and still figuring out how to keep on keepin’ on!

When I was growing up so long ago, folks in their 70s basically faced their death years up close, having retired at 60 or 65. They stayed home, got bored, and … died.

Not all, but way too many.


Reaching 100 is not out of the question.

It’s so different, and I’m really happy to live at a time when age — while still a real issue — isn’t the ONLY one that determines how we live our later years.

This little flower is a loner, but it’s still here, still vibrant, and still showing me/us that the future can hold marvelous things.

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Susan Rooks

With nearly 30 years’ experience as an international speaker and workshop leader, Susan Rooks is uniquely positioned to help people master the communication skills they need to succeed.

In 1995, Susan formed Grammar Goddess Communication to help business professionals enhance their communication skills. She creates and leads three-hour “Brush Up on Your Skills” workshops in three main areas: American grammar, business writing, and interpersonal skills.

She also created and leads one-hour LinkedIn workshops (Master the LinkedIn Profile Basics) via Zoom to help business pros anywhere maximize their LinkedIn experience, offering it to Chambers of Commerce and other civic organizations free of charge.

As an editor, copyeditor, and proofreader, Susan has worked on projects including business blogs, award-winning children’s books, best-selling business books, website content, and even corporate annual reports (with clients from half a dozen countries), ensuring that all material is professionally presented and free from grammatical errors.

From the beginning, Susan’s only goal has been to help everyone look and sound as smart as they are.