Early Morning Routines of Highly Successful People

Kyle Hoedebecke, MD

Contributor, Vitalcy

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We all have the same number of hours in the day. So how do some people get so much more accomplished than others in the same amount of time? Our morning routines have a lot to do with setting our day for success. Let’s see what some extremely successful individuals recommend:

Base your sleep on your natural sleep-wake cycle

Both Jeff Bezos and Oprah Winfrey swear by this method. Going to sleep on time allows us to get enough sleep and wake up naturally. It is appropriate to note that The National Sleep Foundation recommends eight hours of sleep for most adults.

Set a routine and wake up at the same time every day—regardless of whether it’s a weekday or weekend. This helps to keep your body in a consistent cycle of optimal energy levels and concentration.

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It is scientifically proven that a consistent routine, along with a natural sleep cycle, reduces caffeine dependence, improves alertness, sharpens focus/memory, improves mood, and strengthens immune system functioning. All these lead to better overall health and performance.

Start your morning with a glass of water

Most people go straight for their early morning coffee, but after several hours overnight without water, your body is slightly dehydrated. Caffeine, a diuretic, only makes this worse. Drinking sufficient amounts of water, something most Americans do not achieve consistently, can help maintain appropriate organ function and reduce overeating as well.

You can still have your coffee—just be sure to add eight ounces of water to your morning routine.

Early morning exercise

Morning exercise, such as a walk, run, yoga or a session on the elliptical, gets your heart pumping and your body working. Just this little bit of movement helps jump-start your metabolism for the entire day. Gwyneth Paltrow and Bill Gates are two people who utilize this method.

You can also multi-task during your early morning workout. Watching the news, completing phone calls, or planning for your day makes this time even more productive.


Steve Jobs, the late founder of Apple, Inc., began every day this way. Taking the time for some daily introspection allows us to stay true to our values, goals, and passions. It also improves productivity by signaling your pituitary gland in your brain to secrete endorphins, which enhance brain activity associated with positive emotions and experiences.

Create a daily "to-do" list

We all have deadlines, tasks, and requests coming from every direction in our lives. However, we are able to focus on only a few goals at a time. In order to optimize our ability to focus, identify three tasks to accomplish each morning. Then ensure that these three goals are achieved by the end of the day.

Managing your life in 24-hour periods ensures small levels of stress and high levels of performance. Ultimately, successful people reach their overarching goals one small win at a time.

We all need to find what works best for us personally, but these simple morning tips provide some great ideas to get you—and your day—off to a great start!

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Kyle Hoedebecke, MD

Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke is a Certified Physician Executive with 20 years of leadership experience in the clinical, pharma, academic, insurance, and military settings where his organizations have led in key metrics including quality, safety, and patient satisfaction.

He currently serves as Medical Director at Oscar Health and Chief Medical Director at Jus-Pharma. He also holds four Masters degrees, having completed his MBA, MTE, MPA, and MS.

Fluent in 4 languages, he currently resides in Texas with his wife and two daughters.