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Nancy Flaherty


Nancy Flaherty is the founder and publisher of the online websites, Hidden Gems with Nancy and Grace in Paris. She was the US editor of the French fashion and lifestyle magazine, “Captendance” when she and her Parisian editor decided to create a more fashionable vehicle for their knowledge of style and their desire to travel to Paris. Nancy started Hidden Gems with Nancy in 2019 to promote other places beyond Paris to explore. She is a member of the French American Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta.


Deborah Sorlie

Deborah is a former Nordstrom fashion show producer, personal shopper, and special events coordinator.

As a personal stylist, she is very passionate about helping and styling women to look their best in their Peak Stage. Her past experiences have helped define her vision and passions and have led her to who she is today: someone that loves and enjoys opening that door to new style options for the ageless woman.

With a degree in Art Education, her background in color theory, sculpture, graphic arts, and painting have contributed towards her dynamic skills, where she combines textures and colors to ultimately enhance styling.

She has been a fashion advisor for more than 30 years and believes that a consult should be insightful, progressive and fun. Above all, it’s never too late to look fabulous!

She currently resides in San Diego, CA.

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